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    When it comes to hiring, do you really know what you need? Take a step back and rethink your hiring process. In just under an hour, you'll learn: Where to Start: Identify and clearly define the responsibilities, skills and qualities your ideal candidate should possess - and what training, benefits, and future career opportunities the role offers. Job Descriptions: Develop the framework for a well-written job description, interview questions, and onboarding materials that communicate your expectations and attract candidates who will help achieve your business goals. The Interview Process: Conduct a successful interview that will ensure each candidate leaves with a clear understanding of the role and a positive view of your business. Learn tips for effective virtual interviews and how to implement applicant tracking software.

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    In this course, sponsored and presented by Details Flowers, you will learn • The essential elements of a proposal – what makes a winning contract. Through format, layout, design, colors, personal touches and more, you’ll discover tips that make you and your contract stand out from the competition. • Contract Terms you can’t afford to get wrong- the clauses that are imperative to any event contract and why they are so important. Plus, the terms that are very often overlooked, but ensure you are prepared for anything. • Best Practices- a proposal is one of the first opportunities to showcase your business. The expert insights and resources in this course help you communicate your dedication, experience, and work ethic through the essential elements of a wedding proposal and important contract terms that every florist should be using.

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    This course covers basics that can turn any designer into a wedding expert including terminology and how to work with clients to ensure your designs meet their expectations and budget. Expert insights and step by step design demos teach the mechanics and production of the most common wedding bouquets and design projects you can practice on your own.

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    A strong social media presence is imperative to successfully marketing your business! Learn fundamental skills and feel confident managing your channels. Learn how to Identify your consumer base, target market and which social media channels are best for your business needs. The basics of creating and editing photos and videos that showcase your offerings, resonate with your shoppers and turn into sales. This course provides downloadable resources and links to additional learnings, which you can use as a base to develop a social media strategy for your business. Perfect for anyone looking for basic social media skills.

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    ​Save on training time and get inexperienced designers on the design bench sooner. It’s tough to find designers. With labor shortages, cross training in design is essential. When you do hire a brand new designer, on-boarding is time consuming and difficult. This course teaches universal design basics and provides a solid overview of the fundamentals of design. Throughout this interactive course an experienced designer takes a brand-new designer through visual demonstrations to teach the tools of the trade- the "whys" and the "hows" , the basics of care/handling and design skills including mechanics, production and pricing strategies. Perfect for new design hires and cross training current non-design employees.

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    Welcome to the Floral Industry! This course will: • Give you a “big-picture” view of the floriculture industry. • Expose you to why people buy flowers and plants, where floral products come from and how they move through the chain of distribution. • Introduce you to the various segments of the industry and how they interact with each other.

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    Teach the skills your team needs to prevent unnecessary mistakes. Less shrink = more profit! Correct care and handing protocols lead to better quality product, increased customer satisfaction and decreased waste. Every business can benefit from a care and handling refresher- it is critical employees understand how to correctly care for cut flowers and why care and handling procedures are so important to prolonging their health. Real life examples, videos and imagery are used to teach the science behind floral care including anatomy, food dosing, temperature control and more. Perfect for new hires, your processing team, and for cross-training.