Floral Industry Covid-19 Webinar Series

Navigating Your Business Through the Covid-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 Webinar Series: Coronavirus and the Floral Industry: Planning, Prep and Best Practices
Recorded 10/28/2020
Recorded 10/28/2020 Feeling anxious about the short and long-term effects of the coronavirus outbreak on your employees, business and local community? Unsure how to prepare and what best practices to implement? Join Society of American Florists executive committee volunteer leaders Chris Drummond, AAF, PFCI and Michelle Castellano Keeler, AAF for a practical conversation focused on how florists can communicate effectively with customers and their team and market to minimize impact during this unprecedented time. Topics addressed will include: messaging strategies that instill confidence in customers and emphasize the positive effects of flowers on individuals and communities; strategies on how to market during periods of social distancing and isolation; advice on dealing with cancelations and contract changes; tools from SAF that members can implement immediately, and much more. The session will also incorporate a Q&A session to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and shared tactics. This webinar is the first in a series planned by SAF to address the challenges posed by the global pandemic.
Financial Planning
Recorded 10/28/2020
Recorded 10/28/2020 The COVID-19 crisis has created a new reality and many financial uncertainties for retail florists. Join financial experts and Floral Management contributors Derrick Myers, CFP, CPA, PFCI and Paul Goodman, MBA, PFCI, for advice on how to prioritize next steps as you navigate this altered landscape. Drawing on decades of experience working with floral professionals, Myers and Goodman will share: Insight on how to help manage costs in key areas, including COGS and labor, and manage cash flow. Pricing strategies and best practice incentives to help move product and reduce impact. Key issues related to wedding/event work and cancelations.
HR Strategies for Navigating a Crisis
Recorded 10/28/2020
Recorded 10/28/2020 When a crisis hits — be it a natural disaster, economic nosedive or global pandemic — employers face new challenges in communicating with their teams and ensuring that workers feel connected and informed in the face of tough conversations and constantly evolving world events. Join Glenna Hecht, founder of Humanistic Consulting and an advisor to many floral industry businesses, as she shares insight on how to develop and refine your HR strategy as you lead your business through this tough period. During the session, Hecht will reflect back on lessons small businesses learned during previous crises and share ideas on how to find ways to move forward each day even as the headlines change. You’ll learn: Communication strategies and tips. Processes that can help you find clarity. Information on where to find resources to assist your decision-making.
Sourcing Fresh Product – The New Normal
Recorded 10/28/2020
Recorded 10/28/2020 Get an update on the state of floral supply, both domestically and abroad. They will discuss: How product is moving through the channel Where there are (and are not) gaps in supply What you can expect in the coming weeks and months
Recovering and Rebuilding Wedding & Event Work
Recorded 10/28/2020
Recorded 10/28/2020 With forced cancelations and limits on crowd size, the COVID-19 crisis has hurt florists’ event and wedding business especially hard. Join experienced floral professionals for a discussion on how to navigate the potentially overwhelming tasks of handling cancelations and re-bookings in a strategic way that prioritizes both the financial needs of your business and those important client relationships. The session will include tips on how to continue to market to new wedding couples – and why it’s critical to do so – along with ideas on how to reach out more effectively to all clients and your team.
The Economic Impact of COVID-19
Recorded 10/28/2020
Recorded 10/28/2020 COVID-19 has changed the economic landscape entirely — what can floral professionals do to try and adapt in the future and how can they stay well informed right now? Join Charlie Hall, Ph.D., professor and Ellison Chair in the Department of Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University, as he discusses how the crisis already has reshaped the economy, and the different ways it could continue to do so, depending on its duration. He’ll also discuss economic indicators to watch (and how those will change), along with immediate business strategies to implement — including contingency planning and the increased importance of floral marketing, both now and once the crisis is over.