Incentive Plans That Motivate & Retain Teams

Recorded On: 09/22/2021

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Speakers: Chris Drummond. AAF, PFCI, Penny’s by Plaza Flowers Derrick Myers, CPA, PFCI, Crockett & Myers Associates

Your long-term ability to retain top talent is dependent on how you reward employees. Floral businesses with solid incentive programs in place are finding they can compete with large corporations for talent and drive higher sales and profits. Discover how an incentive program revolutionized one florist’s business and how you can scale a program based on your business size and model. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to structure an incentive program for different positions.
  • How “blended” programs can work for teams that work across multiple departments.
  • How to avoid the typical missteps of bonus and incentive programs.

Derek Myers, CFP, CPA, PFCI

Crockett, Myers & Associates

As the president of Crockett, Myers and Associates in Glen Burnie, Md., Myers has earned a reputation for providing industry-specific financial advice to florists who want to improve profitability and build a more successful business.

In addition to offering expert insight on daily shop management, Myers guides businesses and individuals toward their financial planning goals through tax, estate and financial planning. Over three decades, he has perfected his Floral Analysis Program. Myers has used the program to analyze the financial statements of hundreds of florists, showing them exactly where to focus their time and energy to reduce costs and increase profits.

An engaging and dynamic speaker, he has led workshops and seminars through SAF and state associations and is a contributing writer for SAF’s Floral Management magazine.

Chris Drummond, AAF, PFCI

President, Penny's by Plaza Flowers

Penny's by Plaza Flowers

Chris Drummond is a third-generation florist and president of Penny’s by Plaza Flowers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a multi-store enterprise. He is SAF’s president and has served on the association’s Retailers Council. He has given numerous speeches for a variety of organizations, including Comcast Corporation, Family and Consumer Sciences Association of Philadelphia, and the University of Delaware.


Incentive Plans That Motivate & Retain Teams
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