Reignite Your Business Series

As you navigate an ever-changing post-COVID environment, make sure your operation is prepared to handle whatever comes next. Through the “Reignite Your Business” webinar series, the Society of American Florists will help you navigate everything from keeping staff and customers safe to driving consumer demand online.

  • Virtual Events

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    Part 1 of the Reignite Your Business Series, sponsored by Teleflora.

    Pre-COVID-19, in-store events were a profitable part of most retail florists’ strategy — a way to build sales and forge strong connections and goodwill in your community. With new operating and social distancing rules, crowd size restrictions and safety concerns among staff and customers, some retailers have pivoted to virtual events. How do you create online events that draw a crowd and meet your revenue goals? Floral Management columnist Heather Waits of Bloomtastic Florist in Columbus, Ohio, will share her successful approach to virtual workshops and classes, including insight on how to choose the best platform, generate excitement, manage logistics and leverage post-event enthusiasm. She’ll also explain how she’s modified her teaching style and class focus to better suit digital audiences — and how partnerships with other local businesses can set your events apart.

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    City Line Florist

    City Line Florist

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  • Keeping Staff and Customers Safe

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    Part 2 of the Reignite Your Business Series, sponsored by Teleflora.

    As restrictions ease and retail florists enter a new phase of operations, what can you do to help keep your staff and customers safe? Christopher Norwood, AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, of Tipton & Hurst in Little Rock, Arkansas, will share some of the key strategies he and his team have adopted to follow social distancing guidelines, limit exposure risks and maintain confidence and trust. He’ll also share ideas on how to effectively communicate your policies with your team and community — and how he and his team have adapted their delivery and pick-up practices for the best customer and staff experience.

  • Strategies for Rebuilding Lean Teams

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    Part 3 of the Reignite Your Business Series, Sponsored by Teleflora

    How do you make the most of a small team and keep people on task (and safely distanced) but also cross-train them for efficiency? How can you be strategic about rebuilding your teams for the skills you need today — and keep that mindset going into the future? Join Wendy Rockcastle of Rockcastle Florist in Rochester, New York, for a practical discussion about how she and her family have learned to scale and adapt operations, find new employees and train team members to take on multiple roles. 

  • Digital Tactics to Make the Most of New Customers

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 06/16/2020

    Part 4 of the Reignite Your Business Series, Sponsored by Teleflora

    During the pandemic, many florists saw a rush of first-time customers to their websites. A month after Mother’s Day, what are you doing to capitalize on those new contacts and remarket to them and build additional sales? Join Steve Ozment of Flowerama and Emerald City Websites in Columbus, Ohio, for a session focused on the digital strategies you can use to leverage your expanded database and turn these first-time buyers into repeat customers.

  • PPP Forgiveness Procedures

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    Part 5 Of Reignite your Business Series, sponsored by Teleflora.

    Securing a Payment Protection Program loan was hard enough for small-business owners — now another series of challenges lies ahead: Ensuring you understand and are following the rules correctly, to make certain your loan forgiveness comes through. Join longtime floral industry financial expert Paul Goodman, MBA, PFCI, for a targeted session on the primary details and information you need to know as you continue to navigate the PPP process.

  • Leveraging LinkedIn

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    Part 6 of Reignite Your Business Series, sponsored by Teleflora.

    Retail florists devote most of their social media time to Facebook and Instagram — but Jackie Levine of Central Square Florist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, said there’s another platform that deserves more of your attention: LinkedIn. Levine, a fourth-generation florist with a vibrant online presence, will discuss how she uses LinkedIn to strategically forge sales leads, enhance her network and generate new business — all while building on the brand and reputation of her family’s business.

  • Marketing Messages That Sell

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    Part 7 in Reignite Your Business Series, Sponsored by Teleflora.

    What communication strategies are helping local florists connect most effectively with customers right now — encouraging them to buy more flowers more often? Join Jennifer Barnard of Tillie’s Flower Shop in Wichita, Kansas, for a practical discussion about how she’s promoted her family business throughout the pandemic by focusing on key messages, emphasizing the power of flowers and stepping outside of her comfort zone to deliver the content, products and services that resonate with customers and drive everyday sales.